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About us

Pinkoz Of Portland

Started in 2004, Pinkoz is the outgrowth of your American success story that starts with "Started In Our Garage" in fact we used to say we doubled our warehouse when we moved to a home with a two car garage. That was many years ago however Pinkoz still embodies that family business feel with the second generation heavily involved. It all started with an idea and the love of a color. Pink is a color everyone adores so where is the store that fills your life with it? Pinkoz is right beside you! Pinkoz is your ultimate source of getting all the pink accessories you need in life. Don’t worry; we have other colors too but we just love how pink our company is!

Pinkoz is all about giving you the finest products in the world in the most adorable color. We have a wide range of usable accessories from different fields of life. Give someone a lifelong long of creating music with our fabulous line of musical instruments. Is there a special person in your life that loves gardening? We have you covered. Pink mugs, decorative items, home and office accessories and much more! If you are looking for something in pink to place in your room, we have it!

Being in the business for over ten years; we have gathered the experience to cater people from different fields of life. If you have a child who wants to play piano or other musical instruments, we have them all in pink. We want your little girls to embrace their femininity at a young age and enjoy sporting pink in every accessory.

If you are looking for ways to add femininity to your boring office cabin, you can check out some of our desk accessories such as our Marilyn Monroe fashion mug. What could possibly be better than your own pink mug resting on your office desk? We also have pink keyboard sets to make sure your iPad is easy to use and easy on the eyes too!