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De Rosa 3 Piece 12" Kid's Junior Drum Set Hot Pink - Pinkoz

De Rosa 3 Piece 12" Kid's Junior Drum Set Hot Pink

$ 199.00

Develop your child's potential with this sturdy DeRosa-Bridgecraft kids drum set. It's sized just right for children 3-5 years old. And it's durable quality will hold up under your child's playing! Features birch wood shells, fully tunable top and bottom heads and black plated real metal hardware!

Includes 3 drums - 12" bass drum, 8" snare drum, 8" tom drum, drum stool, bass drum pedal, 8" brass ride cymbal, sticks and tuning key! Stool and drums are height adjustable for your growing child. Compact design fits small rooms and tight spaces.

Makes a wonderful music gift for kids! 


  • Bass Drum 12" 6 Lug Nut
  • Snare Drum 8"4 Lug Nut with Holder
  • Tom Tom 8"4 Lug Nut with Holder
  • Cymbals 8" with Cymbal Arm
  • Bass Drum Pedal Junior Kick Pedal

Package Includes:
Drum Sticks
Junior Drum Throne

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