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Black Mini Grand Pink Piano - Pinkoz

Black Mini Grand Pink Piano

$ 79.95

Our smallest black piano makes a great starter instrument for the youngest among us. A durable, beautiful piano for baby's first introduction to the sound of notes that they can make themselves. This can lead to a lifetime love for music and playing. Playing the Mini Baby Grand start the process of learning hand eye coordination and finger placement while developing musical creativity. A one-and one-half-octave span of full-width keys makes transitioning to a larger piano later on very natural.

  • Beautiful Mini Baby Grand
  • Never Goes Out of Tune.
  • The Tone Never changes.
  • Comes With Learning System.
  • Play-by-color assortment of songs.
  • Removable color-coordinated strip
  • Guide helps small fingers with chords.
  • Normal Size Keys Teach Proper Stretch
  • Accompanying Songbook
  • Collection of familiar tunes.
  • Learning early builds confidence
  • Develop basic playing skills.

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