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Pink Acoustic Guitar 23in


Pink Acoustic Guitar 23in

$ 24.00

Perfect for kids that are too small for a full size guitar! Ages: 3-6 Color: See Picture (Shade may vary) 23 inches long Great gloss finish Full wood construction Nylon strings or Steel (may vary)

Designed specifically for toddler size players, the 23" acoustic is a great toy guitar to start on. Crisp clear sounds, easy tuning and every accessory needed to begin your musical career.

  • Toddler Toy Guitar: 23"
  • Neck: Birch
  • Bridge: Hard Wood
  • Strings: Steel
  • Tune-able Guitar
  • Top Board: Linden Plywood
  • Side/Back: Linden Plywood
  • Finish: Super Gloss
  • Size for ages 2 to 5
  • Accessories: Extra Pick, Steel Strings

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