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Pink Keyboard 6 in 1 Desktop Organizer USB - Pinkoz

Pink Keyboard 6 in 1 Desktop Organizer USB

$ 39.00

This is a must have and number one dream gift idea for 2018. This pink keyboard is a desktop organizer, phone stand, tablet stand and much more. This USB model connects to your tablet computer with USB. This high quality, durable keyboard stores everything you need at your fingertips. Pens, pencils, business cards, CDs and so much more. You will wonder how you will ever lived without it. A pad and phone stand. A pen/stylus stand.

  • A business card stand.
  • A low profile keyboard.
  • An Amazing Organizer.
  • Works with Apple and all PCs
  • Use your existing charger simultaneously.
  • Full size keyboard 18 inches wide.
  • Apple keys in PC format

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