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Pink Socket Set with 3/8" Ratchet


Pink Socket Set with 3/8" Ratchet

$ 39.00

This pink 23-Piece socket and ratchet set is just one of the many durable, high quality tool options brought to you by The Original Pink Box. The 72 tooth composite ratchet features a pink comfort handle, thumb reverse switch, and push-button socket release. Each of the 20 1-Fitsockets with pink accents fits both metric and standard, allowing you to do twice the work with half the tools. Chrome vanadium construction for strength and durability.

  • High Quality, Long Lasting Tools.
  • Durable Carry Case.
  • Tools That Match Your Personality.
  • 3-Piece Pink 1-Fit Socket Set
  • 3/8 Dr. Composite Ratchet.
  • 3/8" Dr. to 1/4" Dr. Adapter.
  • 11 pc Spline 1/4" Dr. 1-Fit Combo Sockets.
  • 9 pc Spline 3/8" Dr. 1-Fit Combo Sockets.

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