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Tri Spinner Hand Toy - Orange & Black


Tri Spinner Hand Toy - Orange & Black

$ 3.95

Highest quality spinner on the market! Hold spinner between 2 fingers, use other finger or other hand to spin back and forth. Very easy to use and very stress relieving. Fit's easily into pocket. Easy to hold and spin while doing other activities.

The Perfect Office Gadget

Do you find yourself constantly fidgeting, drumming or pencil biting to keep hands moving? There is science behind the need to move while doing other activities or thinking.


The fidget spinner is the perfect gadget to fulfill that need while having fun. It's easy to do with one hand while working and it helps.


Our spinners are a good conversation piece. People tend to wonder what you're playing with, and when someone actually recognizes them, it's like an instant bonding moment.


The fidget spinner is the yo-yo of the 21st century and it's been named by Forbes magazine "The Must-Have Office Toy For 2017."


Measuring 3in in diameter and weighing only 54 grams, this triple spinner is comfortable to hold and slides easily into your pocket. Perfectly Balanced and Weighted for Maximum Spin Time and Smooth Operation


Our spinner is crafted using high-end technology and that translates into a perfectly centered and balanced device which will impress all your friends and colleagues.

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